Date: 2002
Scale: N/A
Type: B.Arch final year thesis
Location: Pretoria

Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year 2002, March 2003

10+ Years, 100 Projects, South Africa, convened by Prof ‘Ora Joubert, Bell-Roberts, April 2018
Visions for the Future RIBA, UK, February 2003

This project involves a trenchant exploration of an unattainable and incomprehensible typology. The resolution relies on a number of extraneous textual theoretical systems, both intertwining and non-confluent, through the phenomenological exploration of spatially determined devices: threshold, sound and perception of movement. The incongruence of incidental and inconsistent programme reveals an unimportance of programmatic comprehension and hierarchy, blurring potential accessibility. Differential public and private activity ‘intensity’ levels make reference to the varying psychological phases between consciousness and sub-consciousness.

A generic heuristic process is applied in the design and continued in the building’s process of use, resulting in a closer hermeneutic understanding of the building’s ‘identity’, through its application within a certain context. This enforces the ambiguity of the site as an existing ‘artefact’ which retains its identity and lends itself to the formation of a third phenomenon of site and building; the architectural medium facilitates the integration of events occurring within and extraneous to the site, whilst all relationships, though ever-present, are not always perceived.

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